miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

Infographic- Should I start my own business or should I buy a franchise?

To launch the own business is the dream of every entrepreneur. But some of them stop dreaming when they understand the enormous effort in time and money that means to build a business, a concept and a brand from scratch. There are so many things to be done when somebody decides to dive into the pool, and so many risks to be faced, that a very special circumstance in the life of the entrepreneur is necessary for him/her continues with the original plan.

Fortunately, franchising was created especially for those entrepreneurs who are not facing a "favorable circumstance" to launch their own business. The entrepreneur can still remain very much entrepreneur buying and launching one or more franchises, and putting them together into a portfolio that can run in a very profitable way, leveraging all the work done before by one or several successful franchisors.

In the following infographic we show the most obvious things we have to take into account when assessing whether to buy a franchise or launch our own business.

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