domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2018

CRYPTOSPORTS, the first Argentine company accepted in the FasterCapital´s acceleration program

CRYPTOSPORTS is the first vertical currency for football clubs.

Sports organizations will use a percentage of its profits for social inclusion initiatives, adding value to the system. It will begin with the development of eight clubs (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru). There will be no ICOs, (80% failed last year) fans will activate each cryptocurrency.

To provide it with greater value and to establish clear rules, Smart Contract will establish a cap for each of the currencies.

In 2017, the sports marketing market grew by 4.5% compared to 2016, reaching a total of 184 million dollars. 6% of that total corresponds to Latin America.

The virtual currencies used in the world of sports are related to other aspects of the industry: betting, development of athletes and electronic sports.

There are more than 6 million users of cryptocurrencies (Brazil only has 1.4 million) and add 700 per day*. Daily transactions are close to one million dollars.

Each currency will create value for each sports organization and allow the new currency to be used in different interactions with the club:

- Season Tickets
- Purchase of official merchandising
- Social fee payment
- Purchases of aspirational actions

Cryptosports is opening a new market in the region supported by our alliance with each club and the relationship that each fan has with its organization.

Cryptosports is the first Argentine company accepted at FasterCapital's acceleration program and has been presented by the Regional Partner Gerardo Saporosi. is a virtual incubator based in Dubai. They help startups through their programs acceleration and incubation.

In the incubation Program, they offer the startup their "co-funding and cofounding" model which means that they will be ready to invest 50% of the initial capital of the company (anywhere between USD 200k - USD 2M) and become a technical co-founder. In the acceleration program, they are providing advice, revision of the business plan, opening new markets and raising funds. All services provided are FREE except for raising money where they charge 5% of the money raised.


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